How Long Should Curtains Be?

If you wish to use stationary panels, make sure your curtains are long enough to brush the floor softly but not so long that they gather up in a pile. A decent rule of thumb is that your curtains should break somewhere between 14 and 12 inches from the floor, comparable to a break in your trouser legs.

Similarly, Is it better to have curtains too long or too short?

Short drapes. Short curtains and drapes are not desirable, and curtains that dangle more than an inch over the ground are seldom desired. Not only may too short curtains seem old, but they can also make the ceiling appear lower.

Also, it is asked, How far should curtains hang from the floor?

Free hanging curtains should be hung 12 inches above the floor. This gap enables mopping and cleaning while giving the impression that the curtain is touching the floor.

Secondly, How much longer should curtains be than window?

To obtain an appearance of adequate fullness, a basic guideline for displaying curtains is that the completed width of the curtains should be at least 2 times the width of your window (if not more – sheers may be 3 times the window width).

Also, Are sill length curtains OK?

Length of Sill Because they are the shortest of the regular curtain lengths, they’re a great place to experiment with pattern or color. You won’t become weary of a striking decision since it takes up less visual space.

People also ask, Do long curtains make a room look bigger?

Curtains may make a room seem larger or smaller. High-hanging curtains with long vertical stripes provide the appearance of height, which is ideal for rooms with low ceilings. Short drapes and horizontal stripes, on the other hand, reduce the height of your walls and make the space look smaller.

Related Questions and Answers

Is it OK to have short curtains?

Short drapes High-water style is not the most visually pleasing technique to hang curtains. The shorter length might make you seem old. It may also reduce the visible height of your space by half. Short curtains, on the other hand, are sometimes the greatest solution from a practical aspect.

How high do you hang 84 inch curtains?

There are two usual lengths when buying them in shops or online: 84 inches and 95 or 96 inches. The height of the rod is determined by the length of the curtain. If you purchase 84-inch-long curtains, the rod must be fixed about 84 inches from the floor if the curtains hang without rings from the rod.

Can I put long curtains on short windows?

One of the simplest methods to boost the prominence of a small window and bring it into proportion to the space is to hang long curtains over it. Small drapes on a short window emphasize the window’s size and diminish the importance of the room, window, and curtain style.

How high should you hang curtains?

How high should curtains be hung? Curtains should be hung four to six inches above the window frame, according to Architectural Digest, so set your curtain rod appropriately. The curtain rod should be hung high to make the window look taller.

What is the cantaloupe rule?

Soto follows the “cantaloupe rule,” which states that “decorative accents smaller than a cantaloupe cramp a room.” Instead, go for a single, eye-catching item. Media Platforms Design Team. Photo by iStockphoto.

How far should curtains be from the ceiling?

You should hang the rod above the window if there is room between the top of the window frame and the ceiling or crown molding. I like to hang 3 to 5 inches below the ceiling. This optically stretches the length of your wall, giving the illusion of a taller ceiling.

How far should curtain rods stick out?

Curtain rods should be 3 to 6 inches longer than the window frame. Bob Vila explains that extending the curtain rod beyond the window frame makes the window look bigger, just as hanging curtains above the window frame makes the window appear taller.

How high do you hang 84 inch curtains with grommets?

about 82.5 inches

Can you hang curtains too high?

The height at which our curtains are hung may make or break a room. The room’s light levels, color, and texture are all affected by curtain height. The best height for the curtains to be positioned is 4 to 6 inches above the window frame.

What size curtains do I need for a 36 inch window?

For example, if your window is 36′′ wide (window width x 2 = 72′′), you’ll need curtains with a minimum width of 72′′ or two panels. In this situation, two panels will give you a width of roughly 100′′ to 120′′, which will appear good and full. Always round numbers up to the next whole number.

How do you determine curtain length?

Measure the width of your window if you want your curtains to shut and cover the full window. Add 12 inches to each side for a total of 24 inches. Divide the total number (width plus the number you added to each side) by the number of drapery panels you wish to hang in the window.

Is light grey good for living room?

Grey is a very adaptable color, and it’s fantastic for usage in a living room since there are so many options – from a light grey to a deep gunmetal shade, it’s the ideal foundation color to help you create the living room of your dreams.

Can you paint two opposite walls the same color?

Is It All Right To Paint Opposing Walls The Same Color? An accent wall should be the same color as the surrounding wall. Regardless of your viewpoint, painting your wall the same hue but two shades darker is always a safe choice.

Are 84 inch curtains long enough?

“Unless your ceilings are really low, you should avoid using 84-inch conventional drapes. In most situations, they don’t look appropriate and wind up being an odd length “Curtis explains. The 96-inch and 108-inch lengths fit into a larger variety of common areas.

Grommet drapery panels have long been a popular option for drapes because of their contemporary, sleek appearance. Grommets are available in a range of sizes and colors, making them easy to incorporate into any décor.

How far below window should curtains hang?

While fashion used to demand a “flood level” bottom line for curtains—one that hung just beyond the window sill, low enough to avoid becoming wet in a flood—these days, style dictates that drapes drop down to within 12-inch of the floor or even puddle slightly.

Where should curtain poles be placed?

To determine the location of the brackets, place all pole sections on the floor in front of the bay window. Curtain poles should be positioned 10cm above the window. Place one in the middle of the window and one at either end, 10cm from where you want the pole to terminate, for normal brackets.

Do curtains look better short or long?

Short curtains are normally utilized exclusively when lengthy curtains are impossible to achieve (such as when a radiator, the bed headboard, or some other object would interfere with the curtains). Long curtains are also more aesthetically pleasing and may make a space look larger, particularly when hanging higher than the window frame.

Can you put two pairs of curtains together?

Place the curtain panels right sides together on top of one another. Then pin together the vertical edges you unpicked. If the cloth is very thick, clip the two panels together instead. Check sure the pattern matches before and after pinning if you’re dealing with patterned panels.


Curtains have a variety of lengths. The length that you choose will depend on what you want the curtains to do. If you want something that will touch the floor, then your curtains should be shorter than the window frame.

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The “how long should bedroom curtains be” is a question that has been asked many times. The answer to this question depends on the size of your window. If you have a small window, then the curtain length should be around two feet or less. If you have a large window, then it is recommended for the curtains to be at least four feet in length.

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