How To Hang Curtains From The Ceiling Without Drilling?

5 Simple Drill-Free Curtain Hanging Methods On metal doors, try using magnetic rods. Use curtain rod brackets from Kwik-Hang. 3M Command Hooks should be used. Tension rods should be used. Coat hooks may be used in a variety of ways.

Similarly, Can I hang a curtain pole from the ceiling?

Poles that hang from the ceiling are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. In a window recess, using a ceiling curtain pole enables you to hang your curtains farther away from the window. This will keep the curtains away from the condensation that forms on the windows in steamy areas like kitchens and bathrooms.

Also, it is asked, How do you hang things from ceiling without hooks?

Using a Tension Rod to Hang Objects from the Ceiling If you have a tiny area, a tension rod may be used to hang decorations instead of a ceiling anchor hook. Tension rods are intended to connect firmly between two walls without the need to drill. They are often used in the shower or to hang drapes over a window.

Secondly, How do you hang something from a ceiling without damaging it?

If the ornament is too heavy to hang with tape or a tack but is under five pounds, an adhesive hook may be used to suspend it from the ceiling. These hooks are available in a variety of sizes, and many have unique release tabs that enable you to remove the hook without harming the paint.

Also, How much weight can command strips hold?

16 kilos

People also ask, Can curtain tracks go on ceiling?

Yes, it is correct.

Related Questions and Answers

How do you hang curtains from the floor to the ceiling windows?

Floor-to-ceiling windows are often recessed slightly or deeply, enabling the neighbouring walls to act as a frame. Suspend your curtains on rubber- or plastic-tipped suspension rods if your windows are at least 1 inch recessed.

How do you make a homemade curtain rod?

How to Make a Curtain Rod at Home Take a measurement of your window. Make a cut in your pipe. The rod should be painted. Your hardware should be painted. Fix the brackets to the wall. The curtain rings should be attached to the pole. Fix the finials to the rod. Attach your curtain on the rod and hang it on the wall.

Can you hang curtains with magnets?

This is how it’s done: Choose which sides of the curtain you want to attach. With a measuring tape and a pencil, mark each side. To fix magnetic tape, use super glue or sew it on. Using the magnets, return them to their original position.

Do magnetic curtain rods work on walls?

Magnetic curtain rods eliminate the need to drill screws into your wall, making them simple to install and remove. You may hang them from practically any wall type if you utilize sticky metal strips appropriately.

Do suction cups work on ceilings?

Another fantastic option to hang plants from the ceiling is using suction cup hooks. Suction cups only function on non-porous, smooth surfaces.

How do you hang something heavy without nails?

Without Nails, How to Hang Large Pictures (6 Options) Use picture hanging strips to hang your pictures. Use adhesive hooks or nails to hang them. Use hooks that are press-in. Select the Mounting Adhesive option. Double-Sided Tape should be used. Use Guides or Rails whenever possible.

Why do my Command strips keep falling?

Any dust, debris, or residue on the adhesive might make it difficult for it to build a solid bind. I suggest using a Magic Eraser to clean the area since it’s fast and simple, and it cleans most surfaces well. Wipe the area with rubbing alcohol after using the Magic Eraser to make it squeaky clean.

How long do Command strips last?

Most command strips were meant to endure an endless amount of time, however a few years may seem more reasonable.

How do you hang something heavy on the ceiling without holes?

You may use a variety of tools to hang plants from ceilings without drilling holes, including clamps, tension rods, high-strength magnets, removable adhesive hooks, an old ladder as a plant stand, and hanging plants from coat racks.

Can you put command strips on popcorn ceiling?

Function. Command hooks are designed to stick to a variety of surfaces such as plaster, stained, painted, or varnished wood, glass, tile, painted cinder block, wallboard, and metal. Command hooks, on the other hand, will not adhere to uneven surfaces such as brick or popcorn ceilings.

Do command strips actually work?

These adhesive Velcro strips are a bit more expensive than nails, but they get the job done and leave no holes or residue on your walls. The end result is a stunning, firmly placed painting and a spotless wall. What exactly is this? Yes, Command Picture Hanging Strips are well worth the investment.

What is the heaviest command hook?

Weight Limits for CommandTM Hooks It can hold up to 450 grams. Even the smallest elements need enough support. Holds up to 1.3 kg of weight. Although comparing apples to oranges isn’t a fair comparison, comparing a bag of apples to your next endeavor is a different matter. Holds up to 2.2 kg of weight. Holds up to 3.6 kg of weight.


The “how to hang curtains from ceiling as room divider” is a question that has been asked before. The answer is that you can use curtain rods and hooks to hang the curtains on the ceiling.

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