How to Hang Up Curtains (The Right Way)

Curtains are a necessary part of any window treatment, but they can be a bit tricky to hang. Follow these tips to make sure your curtains are hung up correctly.

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It’s not complicated to put up curtains, but there are a few things you should know before you get started. With a little bit of planning, you can achieve professional-looking results that will enhance the appearance of your home.

Choose the right style of curtain for your needs. There are many different styles available, from simple and functional to elegant and decorative. Consider the look you want to achieve and the amount of light you need to filter before making your selection.

Measure your windows accurately. This is one area where many people make mistakes. Take the time to measure both the width and the height of your windows, including any hardware such as decorative moldings.

Hang your curtains at the proper height. Curtains should be hung approximately 4 inches above the window frame, although this may vary depending on the style of curtain you have chosen. Check manufacturer’s instructions for specific recommendations.

Install curtain rods according to manufacturer’s instructions. Most curtain rods can be installed using basic tools, but it’s important to follow the instructions carefully to avoid damage to your walls or window frames.

Hang curtains from hooks or rings, following manufacturer’s instructions. Once again, it’s important to take care when handling delicate fabric to avoid damage. Make sure hooks or rings are securely fastened so that your curtains will stay in place when opened or closed

What You’ll Need

Before you start, gather these tools to make sure you have everything you need:
-Tape measure
-1/2-inch spade bit or hole saw
-Ruler or yardstick
-Cordless screwdriver or power drill
-Screws (size will depend on your curtain rod)
If you’re hanging curtains for the first time, also gather:
-Curtain rod
-Curtain rings
Now that you have everything you need, let’s get started!

Measuring for Curtains

Measuring for curtains is a simple process, but it’s important to take accurate measurements to ensure your curtains fit properly. To measure for curtains, you will need a tape measure and a pencil.

1. Measure the width of the window you’re covering. Curtains are typically available in widths ranging from 24 inches to 144 inches.
2. Measure the height of the window from the top of the window to the floor. Curtains are available in lengths ranging from 36 inches to 108 inches.
3. Once you have your measurements, use a pencil to mark the desired width and height on a piece of paper. This will help you visualized how the curtains will look on your window.
4. When purchasing curtains, remember to allow for additional fabric if you want your curtains to puddle on the floor or if you plan on hanging them from a rod that is wider than the window itself.
5. Most curtain panels come in pairs, so be sure to purchase enough panels to cover your entire window.

Hanging Curtains with a Rod

There are a few ways to hang curtains, but the most common way is by using a rod. You’ll want to make sure you have the right supplies before you get started.

You will need:
-A drill
-Wall anchors (optional)
-A level
-Curtain rod brackets
-A tape measure

Once you have everything, follow these steps:
1. Decide how high you want to hang your curtains. A good rule of thumb is to hang them about 4 inches above the window frame, but you can also go higher if you want a more dramatic look.
2. Use a tape measure to find the width of your window. Then, add 4 inches to that number to account for the space that the curtain rod will take up.
3. Drill holes at your marked spots and screw in the wall anchors (unless you’re using screws that are long enough to go through the drywall and into a stud).
4. Hang the curtain rod brackets and screw them into place.
5. Slide your curtains onto the rod and enjoy your handiwork!

Hanging Curtains with Hooks

One of the most versatile ways to hang curtains is with hooks. This method can be used on almost any type of window, including those with difficult-to-reach places or windows that are set close to the ceiling. You’ll need to purchase curtain hooks that match the material of your curtains. For heavier curtains, look for sturdier metal hooks; for lighter fabrics, plastic or even thin wire hooks will do the trick.

Once you’ve assembled your supplies, follow these steps to hang your curtains with hooks:

1. Begin by holding your curtain up to the window to determine how long you need it to be. Add an extra inch or two to account for any shrinkage that might occur when the fabric is laundered, as well as any fullness you might want in the finished product. Use a tape measure or a yardstick to mark the fabric at this measurement, then cut it to size.

2. If your fabric has a selvage edge (a clean, finished edge that doesn’t require hemming), simply fold over the top of the fabric by 1/2 inch and press flat with an iron. If not, hem the top of the fabric by folding over 1 1/2 inches, then again by 1/2 inch, and pressing flat with an iron.

3. Foldover one side of the fabric by 1/2 inch and press flat with an iron. Then, create a small pleat by pinching together a section of fabric and holding it in place about 3 inches from the foldover edge. Secure this pleat in place with another pin parallel to the first one (this will keep the pleat from slipping out of place). Repeat this process on both sides of the fabric until all pleats are in place – generally 3-5 pleats per side should suffice for most windows.

4) To attach hooks along the back side of the fabric, first open up each hook so that it resembles a letter “C” shape. Next, insert each hook through the back side of one of your pre-marked buttonholes (or through a space created between two pleats) so that about 1/4 inch of hook is protruding through to the front side. Then, use pliers to bend down each end of hook so that it lays flat againstthe front side of fabric – this will help prevent hooks from being visible from outside or slipping out over time. Repeat this process along entire lengthof backside until all hooks are in place – spacing them evenly apart according to package instructions (usually 4-6 inches).

5) To hang your newly made curtains, simply insert each hook into a pre-existing drapery rod (or install new ones following package instructions). Once all hooks are secure, gently pull down on bottom edgesof curtains until they hangs evenly acrosswindow opening – adjusting fullness/pleats as necessaryto achieve desired look

Hanging Curtains with a Track

Tracks are easy to install and they make a great choice if you want to be able to open and close your curtains with ease. When hanging curtains on a track, you’ll need to first install the track itself. If you’re not sure how to do this, consult a professional or look for instructions online. Once the track is in place, you can then hang your curtains by attaching them to the hooks or rings that are provided. Make sure that the hooks or rings are properly secured before letting go of the fabric.

Hanging Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains are a beautiful, versatile addition to any room. They can add privacy while still letting in natural light, and they can be hung in a variety of ways to achieve different looks. Whether you’re hanging them on their own or layering them with heavier curtains, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get the perfect results.

For a sleek, modern look, hang your sheer curtains close to the ceiling usingcurtain rods that extend beyond the width of your windows. The extra length will give the illusion of taller windows and make your room look bigger and brighter. For a softer look, try hangsheer curtains at ceiling height but allowing them to pool on the floor for a dramatic effect. Or, if you want to show off your beautiful hardwood floors or patterned carpeting, mount your rods close to the window frames and let your sheers hang just above the floor.

When it comes to choosing sheer curtains, there are endless color and fabric options available. To add a touch of luxury, go for curtains withEmbellishments such as beading or embroidery. If you want something more subdued, opt forSheers in solid colors or simple patterns. And if you’re hanging sheers as part of a layering system, don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and textures to create visual interest.

No matter how you choose to style them, following these tips will help you hang your sheer Curtains like a pro!

Hanging Blackout Curtains

Most people don’t realize there’s a “right” way to hang blackout curtains. And we get it, because who really spends time thinking about how to arrange their curtains? But the thing is, taking a few extra minutes to do it right can make a big difference in how well your curtains actually work.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. First, measure the width of your window. You’ll need this measurement to determine how wide your curtains should be.

2. Next, calculate how high you want your curtains to hang. A good rule of thumb is that they should be about four inches above the windowsill.

3. Once you have your measurements, it’s time to choose the right size curtain rods. Curtain rods come in a variety of sizes, so make sure you select one that’s appropriate for the width of your window.

4. Now it’s time to install your curtain rods. Depending on the type of rod you’re using, this may require drilling holes into your wall (if you’re not sure how to do this, consult a professional).

5. Once the rods are installed, it’s time to hang up your blackout curtains! Start by attaching the hooks or rings onto the fabric, then gently place the Curtains on the rod and adjust them until they are in the desired position

Tips for Hanging Curtains

Curtains are a beautiful way to add privacy and style to your home, but only if they’re hung up properly. Here are a few tips to make sure you get it right:

-Start by measuring the width of your window. You’ll need this measurement to choose the right size curtains.
-Once you’ve selected the perfect curtains, it’s time to hang them up. Begin by mounting your curtain rod at the desired height, using screws or brackets depending on the type of rod you’re using.
-Next, clip your curtains onto the rod and adjust them until they’re evenly spaced. If you’re using rings, slide them onto the rod and then attach the curtains.
-Finally, open and close your curtains to make sure they operate smoothly. If not, make any necessary adjustments until they do.


There are a few key things to keep in mind when hanging up curtains. The first is to make sure the curtain rod is properly installed and secure. The second is to measure the width of the window and the length of the curtains before purchasing or cutting fabric. And finally, when hanging the curtains, be sure to use hooks or rings rather than stretching the fabric across the rod, which can cause wrinkles. With these tips in mind, you should be able to hang up your curtains with confidence!

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