How To Measure Curtain Length?

Measure from the bottom of the track to the chosen endpoint if you want your track to be visible. If the item is suspended from a pole, the length should be measured from the pole’s underside/bottom. Measure from the *bottom* of the curtain clip to the desired end point for panels to be hung using curtain clips.

Similarly, How do you determine curtain length?

Measure the width of your window if you want your curtains to shut and cover the full window. Add 12 inches to each side for a total of 24 inches. Divide the total number (width plus the number you added to each side) by the number of drapery panels you wish to hang in the window.

Also, it is asked, How much longer should curtains be than window?

To obtain an appearance of adequate fullness, a basic guideline for displaying curtains is that the completed width of the curtains should be at least 2 times the width of your window (if not more – sheers may be 3 times the window width).

Secondly, How much curtain should touch the floor?

Sill or Just Hitting the Floor The cloth should either be flush with the ground or hover 1/2 inch above it. Café curtains (short panels that cover just the lowest section of a window and touch the sill) are another good option for places where lengthy drapes aren’t feasible, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Also, Is it better to have curtains too long or too short?

Curtains that are not too long. Short curtains and drapes are not desirable, and curtains that dangle more than an inch over the ground are seldom desired. Not only may too short curtains seem old, but they can also make the ceiling appear lower.

People also ask, Should my curtains touch the floor?

Yes, curtains should reach all the way to the floor. The longer the curtains are, with a few exceptions, the more trendy and attractive they will seem. As a result, most common ready-made curtains are very long.

Related Questions and Answers

Where should curtains fall on a window?

Curtains should be hung four to six inches above the window frame, according to Architectural Digest, so set your curtain rod appropriately. The curtain rod should be hung high to make the window look taller.

How far from the floor should curtains hang?

For free hanging curtains, the correct location is 12 inches above the floor. This gap enables mopping and cleaning while giving the impression that the curtain is touching the floor.

Should curtains touch the ceiling?

Hanging curtains within 8 inches of the top of the window frame is the finest option. For particularly tall windows, such as those seen in many contemporary houses, this means putting the rod as near to the ceiling as possible—in fact, you may want to use rods that dangle from the ceiling.

Is it OK to put long curtains on short windows?

Hanging long curtains over a small window is a simple approach to raise the window’s prominence and bring it into balance with the rest of the space. Small drapes on a short window emphasize the window’s size and diminish the importance of the room, window, and curtain style.

What size curtains do I need for a 48 inch window?

Curtain Width Calculator There will be no fullness or draping if you hang a 48-inch panel on a 48-inch window. Curtains should be twice the width of the window, according to, so if your window is 36 inches wide, you’ll need panels that are at least 72 inches wide.

Should curtains be darker or lighter than walls?

Dark-colored curtains contrast well with light-colored walls (eg. warm white, cream, gray, light tan and even smoky blue walls). The combination of dark walls and black draperies is unpleasant. Dark curtains don’t have to be black, brown, or grey; they may also be in trendy, contemporary colors like blue or even tones of red or purple.

Which curtain length looks best?

If you wish to use stationary panels, make sure your curtains are long enough to brush the floor softly but not so long that they gather up in a pile. A decent rule of thumb is that your curtains should break somewhere between a 14″ and a 12″ from the floor, similar to how pant legs break on your shoe.

Do long curtains make a room look bigger?

Curtains may make a room seem larger or smaller. High-hanging curtains with long vertical stripes provide the appearance of height, which is ideal for rooms with low ceilings. Short drapes and horizontal stripes, on the other hand, reduce the height of your walls and make the space look smaller.

Is it OK to have short curtains?

Curtains that are not too long High-water style isn’t the most visually pleasing technique to hang curtains. The shorter length may seem to be out of date. It may also reduce the visible height of your space by half. Short curtains, on the other hand, are often the greatest solution from a strictly practical aspect.

How long should curtains be for 10 foot ceilings?

The length of your curtain panels is frequently determined by the height of your home’s ceilings, since bigger windows are often installed in houses with higher ceilings. 84 inches for 8-foot ceilings, 96 inches for 9-foot ceilings, and 108 inches for 10-foot ceilings are the conventional lengths for ready-made curtains.

How do you close a gap between curtains and walls?

Install a wraparound curtain rod and hang curtains that are longer and broader than the window they cover to conceal a bothersome gap between drapes and walls. Tape, pins, or Velcro strips may be used to secure the sides of your curtains to the walls close to a window.

How high do you hang 84 inch curtains?

There are two usual lengths when buying them in shops or online: 84 inches and 95 or 96 inches. The height of the rod is determined by the length of the curtain. If you purchase 84-inch-long curtains, the rod should be fixed about 84 inches from the floor if the curtains are not hung from rings.

How do you measure for curtain rods?

Follow these basic instructions: Calculate the breadth of the window you’ll be covering. The width of the finials on either end is not included in the rod width. Determine the appropriate overlap. To get the total width, add the window, overlap, and finial widths as illustrated below.

How much should a curtain pole overhang?

We suggest that poles/tracks overflow the width of the window by at least 15cm (6″) on each side for a standard window without architraves (excluding finials). Make a mark on the pole/track and double-check your dimensions.

Where should curtain rods be placed?

A rod with beautiful finials hanging on the wall outside the window frame will look the nicest and give the greatest coverage in most rooms. Allow 3 inches on either side of the window for clearance. To designate this region, make a pencil mark on the wall. You’ll get enough light while the drapes are open if you do it this way.

Which colour is best for curtains?

As house buyers/owners, here are some hues to consider for your next set of curtains. Curtains that are red in color. Brown drapes. Pink drapes. Grey drapes. Curtains in gold. Curtains with patterns. Curtains with a deep blue color. Shades that are neutral. Neutral colors include black, white, grey, brown, and beige.

Are curtains out of style 2020?

Over the course of the year, modern window coverings have grown in popularity. Curtains, on the other hand, will never go out of style, even if they are from the past. They are traditional window coverings that may be tailored to fit any current design or style.

What is the cantaloupe rule?

Soto follows the “cantaloupe rule,” which states that “decorative accents smaller than a cantaloupe cramp a room.” Instead, go for a single, eye-catching item.

What’s wrong with short curtains?

The hue of the cloth is the reason why the short curtains here appear so terrible. The cobalt blue is considerably deeper than any other color in the room, and it draws your attention to it, emphasizing the fact that the curtains barely reach the window sill, leaving just a few millimeters between them and the floor.


Curtain size can vary depending on the type of fabric, how much you want to cover, and what kind of curtain rod you’re using. The “curtain size calculator” is a tool that helps you figure out how long your curtains should be.

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