How To Measure Window For Curtain?

What is the ideal curtain width? Curtain panels should have a total width of 2 to 2.5 times the width of the window/rod when closed to appear adequate. That implies the overall drapery width should be at least 2 times the window/rod widths whether you’re purchasing Grommet style or Rod-pocket style.

Similarly, How much wider should curtains be than the window?

2 to 2.5 times

Also, it is asked, What size curtains do I need for a 72 inch window?

Measure the width of the rod from left to right to acquire the dimensions. If your window is 72″ wide, for example, you’ll need drapes with a maximum width of 144″ (window width x 2 = 144″).

Secondly, What size curtains do I need for a 60 inch window?

Curtains with a final width of at least 1.5 times that of a 60-inch (152.4-cm) window are required, although sheers with twice that width or even three times the width are preferable. As a result, for a 60-inch window, you’ll need two panels, each 60-inch wide, plus a luxuriant gather.

Also, How wide should curtains be for 48 inch window?

Remember that the width dimension is horizontal. There will be no fullness or draping if you hang a 48-inch panel on a 48-inch window. Curtains should be twice the width of the window, according to, so if your window is 36 inches wide, you’ll need panels that are at least 72 inches wide.

People also ask, How wide should curtains be for 36 inch window?

For example, if your window is 36′′ wide (window width x 2 = 72′′), you’ll need curtains with a minimum width of 72′′ or two panels. In this situation, two panels will give you a width of roughly 100′′ to 120′′, which will appear good and full.

Related Questions and Answers

Can you get 72 Width curtains?

Curtains for a 72-inch window should be 72 inches wide. Let’s imagine you wish to cover your 72-inch window with typical, thick drapes. Look for drapes with a width of between 144 and 180 inches.

How do you calculate fabric for curtains?

To figure out how much curtain fabric you’ll need, use a simple formula. To begin, multiply the track/pole width by the fullness you want (for example, 150cm x 2.5 = 375). Divide that number by the width of the cloth, which is usually 137cm (375 divided by 137 = 2.73).

Are curtains measured per curtain?

All of our ready-made curtains come in pairs, and the sizes shown are for each curtain. There will be two curtains, each measuring 46″ broad, in a pair of curtains 46″ wide x 54″ long.

Do you double the width for curtains?

The quantity of gather varies depending on heading designs and personal choice, but in general, your curtains should be double the width of your track. This is known as ‘two times gather.’

How wide should curtains be for a 120 inch window?

How big should curtains be for a 120-inch window? Depending on the fabric’s weight and how long you want your curtains to be. I would suggest at least a breadth and a half. Each curtain is 180 inches in width.

What does 84 panel mean for curtains?

The dimensions are presented in width order. The curtain panel is 54″ wide by 84″ long. A curtain rod should be installed before picking curtains.

How high should you hang curtains?

How high should curtains be hung? Curtains should be hung four to six inches above the window frame, according to Architectural Digest, so install your curtain rod accordingly. The curtain rod should be hung high to make the window look taller.

How do I calculate how much fabric I need?

Use this calculation to calculate how much cloth you’ll need: The number of pieces that fit into the breadth of the fabric is equal to the width of one piece divided by the width of the cloth (rounded down to the whole number). The number of rows required is equal to the total number of pieces divided by the number of pieces that fit into the width.

What size curtains are 168x183?

Size: 168cm (66″) width by 183cm (72″) drop Before hanging, the width corresponds to one curtain panel.

What is the standard drop for curtains?

Most curtain designs come in conventional drop widths of 54″, 72″, 90″, and 108″, so you may need to round up. For instance, if your drop is 147cm (58″) in length and you want your curtains to sit off the floor, you would round up to the 72″ drop curtains.

While curtain length varies based on the size of your window, 95-96 inches is perhaps the most typical conventional curtain length. This single size is sometimes referred as as 95 inches and other times as 96 inches.

How high do you hang 84 inch curtains with grommets?

about 82.5 inches

How high do you hang 84 inch curtains?

There are two usual lengths when buying them in shops or online: 84 inches and 95 or 96 inches. The height of the rod is determined by the length of the curtain. If you purchase 84-inch-long curtains, the rod must be fixed about 84 inches from the floor if the curtains hang without rings from the rod.

What is normal fabric width?

Fabric at a local craft shop or fabric store often comes in widths of 40 to 60 inches. It’s fair to expect that cloth coiled up on rectangular cardboard bolts will be between 35 and 108 inches wide.

How many yards of fabric do I need for a full size blanket?

6 yards

How do you figure yardage?

This is how you do it: Convert the inch measurement to yards (6 inches x 36 inches = 0.167 yards). Convert the measurements from feet to yards (12 x 3 = 4 yards). To calculate the amount of cubic yards, multiply the three dimensions together (0.167 x 4 x 4 = 2.67 cubic yards).

What size is 168cm in inches?

As a result, 168 cm equals 1680.3937=66.1416 inches.

Where should curtain poles be placed?

To determine the location of the brackets, place all pole sections on the floor in front of the bay window. Curtain poles should be positioned 10cm above the window. Place one in the middle of the window and one at either end, 10cm from where you want the pole to terminate, for normal brackets.

Grommet drapery panels have long been a popular option for drapes because of their contemporary, sleek appearance. Grommets are available in a range of sizes and colors, making them easy to incorporate into any décor.

How high should curtain rod be for 96 curtains?

Measure from the floor to where you’ll hang the rod to get the proper curtain length (usually 4 to 6 inches above the window frame). Otherwise, a simple design tip that makes your ceilings look higher is to suspend the curtain rod slightly below the ceiling. Curtains are often available in lengths of 63, 84, and 96 inches.

Do floor to ceiling curtains make a room look bigger?

Extending your drapes from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall around your window will make it look larger,” Francesco Bilotto advises.

Should curtains go ceiling to floor?

Hanging curtains within 8 inches of the top of the window frame is the finest option. For particularly tall windows, such as those seen in many contemporary houses, this involves installing rods that dangle from the ceiling.


The “curtain size calculator” is a web-based tool that allows homeowners to calculate the size of their window for curtains.

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