What Is A Standard Shower Curtain Size?

Shower curtains typically measure 70 by 70 inches. 70.2 x 70.4 inches. The size is 72 x 72.

Similarly, What is the most common shower curtain size?

Size: 72 x 72

Also, it is asked, What are the different size shower curtains?

Size Chart for Shower Curtains The most popular standard shower size is 72″ x 72″. Extra Wide Bathtub, 84″ x 74″ Shower Stall, 54 x 78 inches. Extra Tall 70″ x 84″ Floor to Ceiling Shower, 72 x 96 inches.

Secondly, How long is a standard shower?

60-inch length

Also, Should shower curtain and liner be the same size?

The dimensions of your curtain and liner should match. Use a liner that is 72 inches long in this situation.

People also ask, How long should a shower curtain be for a walk in shower?

Related Questions and Answers

Are shower curtains supposed to touch the floor?

No, the floor shouldn’t touch the shower curtain. This is done for the straightforward reason that it will assist keep the curtain’s bottom from accumulating excessive amounts of moisture and filth. As a result, provide at least two inches of space between the bathroom floor and the hem of the curtain.

How tall are shower curtains?

Height of a shower curtain rod The curtain pole should be positioned between 75 and 77 inches from the floor since a normal shower curtain is 72 inches long. The shower curtain won’t touch the floor at this height.

Should shower curtain be open or closed?

Mildew loves shower curtains, which are a popular target. In order to let fresh air into the shower, if it has a door, leave it open. The simplest strategy to stop mold and mildew development is to carry out these easy tasks each day after taking a bath.

Can I use a shower curtain with a walk in shower?

The ideal kind to choose is one that is either weighted at the bottom or made from a heavier material. It is feasible to utilize a shower curtain with a walk-in shower.

How far into the tub should a shower curtain hang?

6″ roughly

What type of fabric is best for shower curtains?

One of the most often used materials for curtains is polyester. The softness is similar to natural cloth, but it is more water- and mildew-resistant. A polyester shower curtain may be washed in cold water in the washing machine and dried using the most gentle option.

How far up the wall should a shower pan liner go?

A minimum of 6 inches above the framed or (roughed-in) curb height is where the pan liner should end. The installation of a concrete basis and finishing is made possible by this height.

What is a luxurious shower size?

To ensure there is enough space to enter and walk about in, your shower should be at least three feet square and have a broad entrance. In Brookfield, Connecticut, designer Mary Jo Peterson, CKD, CBD, and an expert in universal design, claims that 42 by 60 inches is even preferable, especially for showers without a door or curtain.

Is a 32x32 shower too small?

It’s a good size yet neither too large nor opulent. It could seem crowded if it were 32 x 32. Additionally, there just isn’t enough room in this shower for a sit-down shelf. Also keep in mind that you may overdo it in the shower.

Are cloth shower curtains better than plastic?

In general, fabric liners are quieter and more comfortable to use than plastic liners. Plastic liners don’t need to be machine washed and are simple to clean. Fabric liners generally don’t leak chemicals and are better for the environment.

Can you shower without a shower curtain?

If the “shower head” is a handheld style that is mounted on a stand across from the faucets, you may use it without a shower curtain by holding it in your hand and liberally spraying yourself! — not by putting it on the “pole” that supports a handset over your head, which is high. Additionally, you may shampoo your hair while holding the phone.

How often should I change my shower curtain?

Every six months, try to wash your shower curtain. Fabric shower curtains don’t need replacement all that often, and the majority of individuals wait to do so until they redesign their bathroom.

Do all shower curtains have 12 holes?

Twelve grommets are present on a typical shower curtain, and twelve hooks are present on a typical pole.

How do you keep a shower curtain inside a walk in shower?

There are a few solutions to keep your shower curtain where it belongs, regardless of what causes it to fly in your face. Purchase a weighted drapery. Improve the curtain lining. Install a shower curtain pole that curves. Take a binder clip and a suction cup. Attempt magnets.

Can you cut down shower curtains?

The majority of shower curtains are built larger than necessary to fit all tub sizes. Your tub cannot fit your shower curtain. Cut the fabric lengthwise using scissors, then trim the edges. So that the curtain doesn’t remain coiled when closed, trim enough of the sides.

Can shower curtains be cut to size?

Given that shower stall widths vary, the common lengths are 84 or 96 inches, you may really need to add fabric to a shower curtain if you want to reduce it down to accommodate a smaller shower stall. Add a panel of contrasting fabric to the bottom of a curtain that has been previously used to decorate a room.

How do I know what size shower curtain to buy?

Simply measure the length of the shower area from wall to wall using a tape measure. Then, add an additional 12 inches to guarantee that the curtain can move easily and yet reach both walls to provide enough covering. Pick a curtain that properly fits the opening.

Should my shower curtain and liner be the same size?

The dimensions of your curtain and liner should match. Use a liner that is 72 inches long in this situation.

Can I sew my own shower curtain?

Over the years, we’ve sewed up a few shower curtains, and we thought you may want a tutorial so you can make your own! Shower curtains are simple to replace and often serve as the bathroom’s primary piece of furniture. Why not have a few on hand to switch up the décor in one of the most often used rooms in the home throughout the year?


The “standard shower curtain size cm” is the standard measurement of a shower curtain. It is usually measured from top to bottom and from side to side.

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